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Since its launch in 2008 Blogging While Brown has grown to become the premier blogging conference dedicated to education, collaboration, and innovation among bloggers of color. The conference brings Black social media experts, speakers, and independent content creators together to educate, inspire, and expand their influence in social media and technology. Along with panel discussions, keynotes, and networking opportunities this 2 day event also includes blogger training workshops.

 “Blogging While Brown is one of the greatest gatherings of Black intergenerational and interdisciplinary genius on the planet. These bloggers and social media strategist combined reach over 20+ million unique visitors every month. It’s a joy every year to see these creative, technologically savvy people get together.”

Gina McCauley, Blogging While Brown Founder


Blogging While Brown’s Objectives:

  •  To provide beginning and advanced technological training in digital media content creation and social media networking in order to enhance the ability of bloggers to create and distribute content online.
  • To provide a forum for an intergenerational, interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge.
  • To promote collaboration among digital media content creators.
  • To serve as a platform to highlight the power and influence of African American bloggers and their audiences while they showcase their expertise and share knowledge with their peers.

As we prepare to launch our fifth annual conference Blogging While Brown remains committed to the mission of insuring that all communities have an opportunity to fully participate in a society that is becoming increasingly more dependent on digital technology.

As early adopters of technology, bloggers play a critical role in acting as a bridge between technology and their audiences, families, and local communities. Blogging While Brown is dedicated to helping bloggers thrive by endeavoring to increase the number of African American media owners and expanding business opportunities for new media micro-preneurs to increase revenue and expand their platforms.

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